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Ali Wong

WHAT IS THIS? Vietnamese-Chinese-American Ali Wong is a 34-year-old writer for ABC and Eddie Huang’s “Fresh Off The Boat.” She filmed a comedy special for Netflix called “Cobra” in which she delivered a stand-up comedy performance while 7-and-a-half-months pregnant. 

WHY IS IT INCLUDED HERE? Wong is lewd, publicly funny, and majored in Asian-American studies and I love that combination. It’s very rare for me to see any depictions of an Asian or Asian American woman talking in totally open, crass ways about her body and sexuality; I also find her humor smart and hilarious (though, incidentally,  I’m not always wild about how she talks about Asian Americans to a mostly white audience). For more on Ali’s style of comedy, check out this New Yorker piece.

Lilly Singh

WHAT IS THIS? Also known as “||Superwoman||,” 28-year-old Lilly Singh is a Canadian YouTube comedian who started blogging in 2010 as a way to combat her depression. Now she is one of the highest-paid and followed YouTube stars.

WHY IS IT INCLUDED HERE? Lilly’s videos encompass a huge variety of topics, and many don’t agree with me, but my favorite scenes and the ones that make me laugh the hardest relentlessly make fun of Punjabi culture and star Lilly as herself, her mother and her father. She captures so many absurdities of growing up in a Western environment with Indian parents, from particular cadences adopted when yelling at one’s kid,  to South Asian reactions to Rihanna music videos, and beyond.